Los Nichos - "...have you found your niche?"
There are stories in my artwork, inspired by the outer and inner worlds of imagination and experience. 
My earliest nichos mix folk art with objects of memory. 

I built them with ceramic clay to resemble tin nichos created in Mexico and Peru. Texture and pattern were added using clay stamps designed at my studio. These pieces are meant to hold meaningful objects of choice. 
       Images in Tin
A few years back my interest also turned to painting and assemblage; building vignettes which tell the story of the altered photographs inside. All the pieces are made from repurposed
cans and other found objects.
Writers, musicians, and historical figures with unique stories find their way into each project.  My recent work includes:
Cowgirl Ghosts- series
Underdogs of the Arts- series
Buffalo Legends
Facing Future- series
   Day of the Dead

My Dia de Los Muertos cigar boxes have led me in another new direction.  They are based on traditional 'ofrendas' from Mexico.  
I now create a piece each October for this ritual.  

                                   "Fiesta in the Ossuary"

                          Wedding Box: by commission only

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