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Los Nichos - "...have you found your niche?"
About Judi Smith

   My studio is located at my home in Austin, Texas.  After beginning my artistic journey in Southern and Northern California I relocated to East Austin in 2014. It's great to be in the live music capital of the world...and close to my kids.  
                                                                      Hours by Appointment:
                                                                    Call 530.574.7387

EAST Austin Studio Tour 2017 coming soon!
November 11/12 and 18/19 from 11a until 6p
My studio will be open for the tour and I hope to welcome you here at Los Nichos, Stop #76...
4417 Mattie Street Unit F, near the Thinkery. 

I am happy to be joined this year by John Cruz, a good friend and accomplished visual artist.  You can view his work at: www.johncruzartist.com 
Catalogs & maps at your library, November 1st!
We will have parking passes for Mueller meters.

Current series: APPARITIONS

I've spent a lot of time in Europe, and I am always amazed at how many paintings I see that are based on allegory.  
This series is my own take on the allegory as a mystery... open to interpretation without its religious or political facets.

The first piece is shown at left:

"The Ascension of Lost Childhood in a Flock of Birds"

Below: "The Liberation of Five                                                                Carnival Ponies on the Wings of
Below: "White Buffalo Calf                     Patsy Cline"
Descending on a Cloud"

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