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There are stories in my constructions, inspired by the outer and inner worlds of imagination and experience. 

The old look of new art
                                                                                                                              My interests are currently focused on assemblage; building vignettes which tell a story from the altered pictures and objects inside. All pieces are made from repurposed cans, wooden boxes, and other found objects.
Writers, musicians, and historical figures with unique stories often find their way into each project. I am inspired by folk art, ephemera, and the work of Joseph Cornell.  

   Day of the Dead

Making Day of the Dead boxes has led me in a unique direction. They are based on traditional Mexican 'ofrendas': 
built from things collected in Mexico and elsewhere.  

I call them "fiestas in a box".   

                                    Dia de los muertos #1

                          Wedding Box: (by commission only)

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